Paper seasons working process

Paper Seasons

We decided for this project to introduce the analog element into the screen by working with papers and crafts. The main objective was to generate fresh clips, which would differ from what users are used to watch on UPV TV.

Collaboration: Helena Pérez García, Anna Raga, Álvaro Sanchis, Marina Senabre.

EME magazine

Published by the Master's Degree in Design & Illustration, EME magazine is an editorial project in which historians and theoreticians talk about design and illustration, present and future. Its main aim is to bring back critical discussion to the world of design. Designed in collaboration with Helena Perez Garcia.

This is not a bottle of water

This project, based on the power of words and water, is based on the poetic idea that if you wrote any concept you would like to internalize on a piece of paper and you wrapped it around a bottle of water, water and words can mix together and become one, and when drinking, it allows one to assimilate all kinds of concepts and emotions. Client: Lucía Camón.

"Rota" typeface

I designed this typeface in collaboration with Helena Perez Garcia. It comes from deconstructing an existing typeface, in order to be able to display hardly readable messages. The project was born as a particular view of current worldwide media caos.

Creepy Bart Simpson

I recently stumbled upon this creepy, frightening Bart Simpson, with whom I swore I would never play...

Professional portfolio

This is my printed portfolio, designed as an editorial piece, as well as a medium from which to show my projects.